The Texas Cowboy


WESTERN:  Victoria Baker, or Vicky, as she prefers to be called, is visiting Dallas, Texas from England. In the USA for the first time, she is meeting her long lost cousin, Laura, wife of the wealthy David Hanson.  Down-to-earth Vicky struggles to enjoy her visit, with its expensive shopping sprees and tight scheduling. Laura firmly disapproves of the tall Texas Cowboy who catches Vicky's eye - she has much bigger things in mind for her cousin.  Jack Cassidy isn't just any cowboy, however, but a ranch owner with a secret that may keep him from following his heart.

This story is the typical girl sees man, girl is smitten, man sees girl, man is smitten but cautious. The challenges presented are easily skirted by the main characters thinking and acting for themselves - if they only would. Some obstacles feel contrived and it become frustrating with the secondary characters doing the thinking and the maneuvering, leaving the heroine and hero with little choice but to react, rather than act. Lane does a good job of showing the contrast between the very affluent in Dallas to those considered less than, proving that first appearances can be deceiving and often misleading. She also does a nice job of steering clear of the intimate details while making the immoral actions necessary to the story quite clear with dialogue. Overall, this is an enjoyable story for those who like a little angst while keeping it light and fun!

Shaunna Gonzales