Tempting Forever (Baby on Board series book 2)


Monica is in a pickle. Coming off a fresh break up from Steve, she is Maid of Honor for Crystal, her BFF, and her twin brother, Brent. Chris Farrington is her brother’s best man, best friend, and business partner, so when Monica suddenly realizes how incredibly handsome he is, too many levels of bad idea run through her head. However, their connection is undeniable. When she has to quit her job, she scrambles to find another. But what now? The family connections and social status could work against Monica… then in steps Chris. Never fear, she’s been in tough situations before and will make this work, one way or another!

Ms. Pride gives readers a fun-loving, quick-moving young adult read in “Tempting Forever.” The plot starts off with a bang and holds steady as we follow two very ambitious and independent characters into uncharted territory. The storyline is common, but with the added humor, snarky banter, and realistic characters it holds onto its upbeat and entertaining theme. Chris’s mindset of preferring more down to earth woman who know how to laugh and don't take life so seriously and those who don't only like him for his money is delightful, breaking the stereotype of the typical rich, good looking bachelor. There is some predictability in the actions of the horrible ex-boyfriend. He’s well portrayed and most readers can likely identify with his personality. This is book two in a series and stands alone, however, with intertwining characters many readers will devour this entire series. Delightful!

Viola Robbins