Tell Me You Want Me

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Jane has always been a good girl. She studied hard and rarely dated or did things just for fun. So when the handsome bad boy, Austin, flirts with her, she can’t help but think: “For once I could let myself go and simply enjoy life.” It was all going as planned, until she broke all the rules and started to fall for him.
Austin has been scarred by love. Not only was his parents’ marriage a complete disaster, but there was a girl in high school who broke his heart. So he promised himself that he will never open up to love again. He will be the bad boy, a short term “boyfriend” – not only will he protect himself, but the girls that date him as well. He kept that promise – until he met Jane and realized that he now wants more.
This is a decent story about two people who unwillingly fall for each other. While the idea of a bad boy is certainly attractive, Austin’s behavior towards the girls he dates is really off-putting. Who flirts with a girl moments after being caught having sex with another girl? But even with that, his unflinching honesty is refreshing – he never once tries to lie even when it hurts him. Jane and her attitude are also a problem – all that denial gets old after a while. Nevertheless, the story reads smoothly and it’s entertaining.  For a reader who is looking for a short and dramatic read it will definitely fit the bill!
Ana Smith