Teaching with the Enemy (Shut Up and Kiss Me #2)


Gilly is a well-liked Type A over-achiever, which is great in an elementary school teacher. Both her extravagant flare for decoration and her extreme system of organization are a bit intense, but her fellow teachers appreciate her extra efforts. Christopher is the new teacher at school, and his style involves less fluff, more focus on winning the kids over with an uncluttered approach to teaching. But their differences in style aren’t what sets these two on opposite sides of a learning battlefield. It’s the steamy one night stand they’ve swept under the rug, and a clutch of festering misconceptions between them that neither fully understand. Can their undeniable magnetism and begrudging respect for one another mend the fence between them, or will incorrect assumptions come hurtling back into their lives and ruin their chance at true love?

“Teaching with the Enemy” is a page-turning tale with colorful characters and piping hot chemistry. Gilly is a deeply likable lead with endearing flaws, but some of her choices seem a bit unrealistic. Christopher is a handsome and dedicated catch, but his rudeness goes a bit too far at times to keep him in the desirable zone. Nonetheless, the fiery attraction between them is lots of fun. The way they both develop an honest admiration for each other’s dedication to their students is touching. Despite a few editing bumps in the road, Jaqueline Snowe delivers a spicy, cute, and memorable read. There’s much to love about this rollercoaster romance and its charming classroom backdrop.

Starling Gray