Teaching the Cowboy


INTERRACIAL:  Veronica Silver loves being a teacher - it's just that she's not so sure about being one in the middle of Nowhere, Wyoming!  Now that she's signed up there's no going back.  It's not that bad; the children are great, and working with them is rewarding, but she's like a fish out of water. 


And then there's John Lundstom - father to her students, rancher and a very handsome man. A handsome man who seems to be interested in her. Getting involved with him wouldn't be smart.  She could never live on his ranch, and he would never leave it. But, sometimes, all the reason in the world cannot account for emotions.


This is a contemporary romance about a rancher who was burned by love and a teacher who really didn't plan on settling down so soon. What makes the story absorbing is the vividness of the characters. Not only Ronnie and John, but the children, parents, siblings and friends, and all the complex relationships between them.  The first half of the book was great, setting up the story, the way that Ronnie got to know the children. But then she changes in the second half. Her reasoning, behavior - everything becomes off-putting, and that's a shame because until that point the story was developing in such a nice way.  Nevertheless, this steamy story is filled to the brim with friendship and love, and not just the romantic kind!


 Ana Smith