Teach Your Heart (Far North #3)


Owen Bennett, or Dr. O as he is often referred to, is called upon to help out with his nieces and nephew for a few months while their grandmother recovers from surgery. The kids were left orphaned and the grandparents had stepped up to raise them. Now Owen is the only option for the stability and compassion the kids need. Single and working full time, Owen had hired a nanny to help him and thought his problems were solved - until that help abruptly quit on him and the search was on. Miraculously Gracie is home for a visit and her brother's upcoming wedding. She’s running from her daddy issues and happens to need a job to pay off her student loans. Nanny and homeschooling the Owens family members, how hard could it be?

Ms. Alvarez has a fun loving installment in book three of her Far North series. It is very much a standalone story and will delight many readers. The plot is steady and the characters are well defined. The hero and heroine are detailed in such a way that readers will connect instantly. It’s a bit obvious where the story is heading, with a few surprises along the way. It’s a warm fun-loving story where the kids steal the show and many current family scenarios are valid. Sensitive family loss and healing is an added subplot that is carefully woven throughout. A predictable ending, but well done and a great read!

Viola Robins