Tangled Up In You (Rogue Series #1)

Lara Ward

When you have a brief high school romance in a foreign land, then meet them again years later and the sparks still fly, fate has stepped in to give you another chance.   Gavin and Sophie are two who have had to fight through highs and lows to survive. The rock star singer has had her all to himself until she starts modeling, and then they become a power couple. They both have an intense friendship with Connor and the other members of Rogue, Gavin's band. All of the characters play beautiful parts throughout the story that spans the course of a decade.  

The story is written with all the elements that make a good novel; friendship, love, and betrayal. Gavin McManus is written with charisma yet shows the vulnerable side of a man in his intense deep need for Sophie, but his fear of abandonment is also very deep and intense creating a real love/hate for him throughout the novel.  The author thoroughly writes the emotional rollercoaster of the victim that abandonment by a parent will cause.  Sophie transforms over the course of the novel from a naive young woman into one who must fight for her marriage and friendship to two men who are best friends.  The characters show the flawed inner humanness that most hide from the world to create a beautiful freshness to a rock star/supermodel love story. This story leaves more questions with the cliffhanger ending, to be picked up in the next book in the Rogue Series by Lara Ward Cosio.

Laura Dinsdale