Taming Lisa

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When Lisa rescues a cat from a car she has no idea she’ll meet the man of her dreams.  She comes face-to-face with Max Collins, a serious hunk of a guy in front of whom she keeps making a fool of herself.  And Max is falling for Lisa in a big way, but he’s got a lot of other things on his plate. He’s donating a kidney to his sister, and his no-good brother is living with him while he sorts out his life.  Max definitely doesn’t have any extra time for romance, but there’s something about Lisa that he just can’t forget.  When he needs someone to take care of him after his kidney surgery, Lisa seems the perfect choice. 

Lisa, on the other hand, is not too sure about Max - he’s a hard guy to read and she doesn’t need any more drama in her life. When the comedy of errors finally subsides, there’s a lot of chemistry, and the romance kicks into high gear.

“Taming Lisa” is a short, energy-charged romance, with Lisa and Max trying to figure their relationship out.  The romance tends to jump into high gear all at once, but the bumps along the way are both realistic and entertaining. There are also a lot of characters moving in and out of the story with little development, which made the plot seem shallow.  The ending is tamely predictable, but Lisa and Max show readers what a delight it can be to have a modern day romance!

Victoria Z. Burg