Talk of the Town: Ella

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There are a few things that have been a constant for Ella Turner. One: Working on her grandparent’s farm in Australia. Two: Being in love with and waiting for Sid Bennett. It’s been eleven years since Ella has seen or heard from Sid so when he unexpectedly appears at the anniversary party for her grandparents, she’s shocked. Worst of all, he’s giving her the cold shoulder. Ella is torn between letting go of the past and pursuing the feelings she still has for him. Sid has been back from the war for a year now and is left with more than the scars of a mangled foot and leg. He’s returned to bring closure to a simpler time in his life, but doesn’t know what to do when faced with an Ella who may only be in love with the person he used to be. 

Talk of the Town: Ella is quick, light, and easy. It made for great on the go reading. Though the story was simple, engaging, and believable, it could have been fuller and longer. The short length, at times, made Ella seem pesky and desperate and portrayed Sid as cold and indifferent. With a fuller story this effect may have been lessened. A sweet love story, more of both characters may have made it more beautiful and less abrupt.


Sandy Ponton