Talk To Me


Olivia has been in love with her best friend Daniel for as long as she can remember. Timing has never been on her side as she has never been able to express her true feelings to him. There has always been a bad luck streak of mixed messages and misunderstandings. When Daniel all of a sudden starts dating Olivia's roommate, Emily, Olivia gives up.  Trying to forget about her broken heart, she decides to give speed dating a try. She doesn’t gain a mended heart but a crazy and obsessive stalker. Can Daniel be her knight in shining armor or will their miscommunication cause doom?

“Talk to Me” is the debut novel by author Jules Wake. It takes place in London, and is a great mixture of romance and suspense. The characters are very relatable. Emily, the roommate, is the only downfall of the story. She is a character that the reader will want to crawl into the story and slap around a bit, she is so manipulative and narcissistic. Thankfully, the intriguing storyline and other characters make the story very enjoyable. The story flows beautifully with the spine-tingling suspense. Ms. Wake has a talent with writing in which allows the reader to truly feel the emotions of the characters. One will be swept away from the very beginning and want to devour the story in one sitting!

Heather Mcguire