Taking Tiffany (Breaking and Taking #2)


Tiffany Thompson has been madly in love with a very unreachable man, Todd Jameson.  She endures seeing him as part of her work and best friend's lives.  She secretly dreams of him while she continues her volunteer work as well as her job as a part time social worker.  Tiffany’s parents are very well off and her dad is a retired military man who runs a top national security company.  She is being secretly stalked by those who want revenge.

This is a great book that is filled with an amazing love story.  The story is centered on the love story of Tiffany and Todd, but also Angela, Stefan, and the people that tie all of them together.  Ms. Harkins writes a captivating love story, but she can also handle intriguing subplots. Angela is written as the villain of the story, and one who throws a wrench each time Tiffany and Todd start to get close. This book promotes believing in the changes for the villains in the lives of the characters and how undeniable attraction can lead to the strongest love. Both the main characters can sense an electric-filled attraction to each other as the inner monologue they have through the story is filled with humor and steam. As the plot deepens readers will wonder, will the villain stay a villain, will love prevail or is it everyone walks away with no gain to be had?  The ending will have one gasping at the turn of events and how love can truly conquer the demons inside.

Laura Dinsdale