Taking a Chance


CHICK-LIT:  Liza Parker is deathly afraid of heights. Even so, when her sister challenges her to complete the bucket list she never could, Liza finds herself riding a crowded elevator to the very top of the Empire State Building. Unfortunately, even a deathbed promise to her sister isn’t enough to stave off the sheer terror she’s feeling, and her panic is noticed by a tourist with time on his hands. Jay Sanders is just planning to visit some tourist sites during his one free day in New York when he spots Liza hyperventilating in the elevator. With some charm and cheesy jokes, he talks Liza into spending the day with him and working on overcoming her fears. Despite being strangers, Jay might be the solution to Liza’s problems — but will she be able to take the chance on him?


A sweet contemporary novella, “Taking a Chance” ends much too soon!  Beginning with Liza’s mid-elevator panic, the story has a simple plot and straightforward characters. Despite these basic elements, “Taking a Chance” successfully manages to capture a moment in the pair’s life as they lightly deal with fears and Liza’s grief. Although the story lacks much depth, complexity, character development, and originality, it does have a smooth pace, plenty of cute moments, and a premise that could easily be explored more. Therefore, this is a nice fluffy introduction Ms. Monson’s writings that lovers of contemporary romance will enjoy.


Sarah E Bradley