Taken by Tuesday (The Weekday Brides #5) Catherine Bybee


Judy and her roommate Meg have just graduated from college and moved to California. Her rock star brother Michael, has generously offered to let the girls move into his home while he is in Europe. Rick is one of Michael’s bodyguards, but he also watches out for the rest of Michael’s family. Rick met Judy last year and has cared about her ever since.  He is excited about keeping an eye on her while she’s doing her internship in sunny California. Things are going well until Judy is attacked in the parking garage. She could have been killed, but is left to live another day.  Someone is after Judy and Rick has to find out why before this madman strikes again!


Ms. Bybee strikes again with "Take By Tuesday"! This is a beautifully written story about the blooming relationship between Judy and Rick, Two very realistically written characters. They both have their flaws, but that makes each of them more endearing to the reader. Judy’s internship is also very real by showing she does mostly busy work and nothing really to do with the architecture degree she earned. Many readers can relate to this unfortunate fact of life. There is some somewhat graphic violence, but it is not a main theme in this story. The intrigue in the novel is sure to hold the reader’s attention and makes it impossible to put this book down until the last page is turned!


Belinda Wilson