Take Two (Irving University #2)


Marie Grayson has just landed a new university job and part of her responsibility is being a liaison to famous filmmaker Heath Rogers, who is doing a documentary on the women’s basketball team. The man is gorgeous, but Marie tries to keep her distance to focus on her triathlon and reconciling with her sister. The pull between them is too strong, however, and Marie finally gives in to the attraction. But Heath has secrets that could tear their newfound love apart. Can she give him a second chance?

 This story is a fresh twist on a second chance romance. Readers are let into Heath’s secret early on that Marie saved him from bullies in high school and he’s been trying to find her to repay the favor. Marie doesn’t recognize him at all, however, and readers will be turning pages to see the big reveal and how it affects their love story. Beyond that, the book has a difficult time maintaining a steady pace and a compelling experience for the reader. There is a lot of time spent talking about triathlons and basketball, with quite a bit of stilted dialogue and no real character development. The school politics and growing romance between Marie and Heath are what readers will enjoy best about this book…and of course, an ending that second-chance romance readers will love.

 Kate Campbell