Take Two


Rachel could have never imagined that her romance novel, Swashbuckler, would be made into a Hollywood blockbuster. Nor did she ever dream that famous Scottish actor Roger Conrad would be playing the lead role! Rachel has a hard time keeping herself in check around the devilishly handsome man, especially after the loveless marriage she endured with her now ex-husband. Roger is taken aback when he lays eyes on the beautiful Rachel and falls rapidly for her wholesome soul. However, he is still suffering the ill effects from his nasty divorce with his cheating wife. Trouble seems to follow this budding romance, especially where trust is involved. Can Rachel and Roger put aside their heartache and second-guessing to build a new future together? They’ll have to endure some rocky seas before they are able to learn to love once again!

Karysa Faire’s unique take on a modern-day romance is certain to intrigue any reader! Rachel is a wonderfully strong character, whose dreams of becoming a blockbuster novelist are second to her job as a single mom and teacher. Roger is a tough character to support, as his lack of trust despite Rachel’s continual faithfulness consistently grates on the reader’s patience. Additionally, the way he pushes the relationship forward at breakneck speed is contradictory to his character. The conflicts in this story seem to be never-ending; as one problem is resolved the next seems to rear its head. This tends to detract from the overall effectiveness of the story as one may grow weary of the nearly constant relationship troubles. However, this one-of-a-kind tale by Ms. Faire will certainly pique the reader’s interest!

Jen Griffin