Take Me Down

Lauren H.

INTERRACIAL:  “Take Me Down” is a contemporary romance that is part of the Suits in Pursuit series. It opens in the city of Atlanta in a rundown condominium, where Ashley discovers her current boyfriend cheating on her.  She kicks him out, loses her dog, and then rages at a jogger. An amused Sebastian watches all this from the sidelines, deciding he likes the fire in Ashley.

Sebastian has designs not just on Ashley's form, but on the entire apartment building.  He pursues the skittish woman, who runs both hot and cold for him, while battling his own grief over the woman who left him several years ago. Ashley’s friend urges her to take a chance on Sebastian, just for fun as opposed to an actual long-term relationship.

“Take Me Down” is a short, sexy read that takes advantage of the semi-tropical atmosphere of the Southern states. The storyline, while not original, varies in the aspect that it is an interracial romance. The author spends a great deal of time describing clothes, but not much in developing dynamic growth of the characters. There was too much telling as opposed to showing. The most difficult part of the tale was the unlikable characters, with the very angry Ashley and the "obsessed with his ex" Sebastian which made romance improbable at best. This also explains the lack of chemistry between the two.  Still, if interracial romances with billionaire executives are your cup of tea, then this could be a book for you. 

Morgan Stamm