Take It Off the Menu


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Marlee is happily planning her wedding when her fiancé, Scotty, ends their engagement a few days before the event.  Her girlfriends, who have come to town for the wedding, decide that a Vegas trip would be a good pick-me-up for Marlee.  Eli, Sadie’s brother, tags along too.  During a drunken night, not only does the entire group get tattoos, but Eli and Marlee get married.  When they are denied an annulment, they are forced to go through the long process of getting a divorce.  During this time, Marlee moves in with Eli because her trust fund has been cut off and she has nowhere else to go.  As the two of them get to know each other, feelings develop.  Maybe what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas!  This couple appears to do everything in their relationship backwards…the wedding usually does not come first.  Will their unconventional relationship work for them?

This book is a light, sweet romance that is also a very quick read.  This story is more than a romance!  The reader gets to meet a strong female character in Marlee, who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it.  After the wedding, Marlee becomes a part of Eli’s world by meeting his friends, etc. and this gives the reader great insight to his character.  She sees the kind of man that he is — both strong and soft — and she is drawn to him.  The supporting characters (Eli’s and Marlee’s friends) are well crafted and add to the story.  The story draws the reader in with the various characters and the emotional roller coaster of the two main characters will not disappoint!

Stephanie Shaw