Reviews - Contemporary

This tale begins when High School ends for two young hearts madly in love. Jo Kendall is waiting at the agreed time and place for her boyfriend to show up so they can leave their small town to get married. Her love, Callum Archer never shows.

Anna Graham is fully capable of running her family ranch, but her uncles don’t really see it that way. Anna’s boyfriend Jackson Hart, disappeared ten years ago without a single word, and Anna is currently engaged to his brother Callum (Cal).

Drawing Lessons

Marie Witherspoon is being divorced by her politician husband Richard, for his gossip blogger mistress. In the midst of figuring out what to do with her life, her best friend Marie gives her a gift certificate for drawing lessons.

MILITARY:  Tesha, widowed by the war in the Middle East, is trying to rebuild her life and overcome the grief of losing her husband. After two years surrounded by the memories of the life she had built with him, she decides to open a bed and breakfast in small town Tennessee to provide a quiet place for war widows like herself to come to grieve and heal.

Barry Furnukle is an average guy. He lives an average life. He is intelligent and attractive, but average - nothing makes him stand out in a crowd. He wants to change that, he needs to change that, but learning how is not his forte. Amber Lewis is an average gal in a not-so-average body.