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Jan Solvang, event planner for “This Is Your Life” Inc, has been asked to plan the memorial service for a woman who has been missing for seven years and now declared legally dead. Wanting to honor the woman by planning a fitting memorial, Jan starts investigating the woman’s disappearance. In between memorial clients, Jan is dealing with the trial separation from her lover, Roman Keller, who finds it difficult to deal with Jan's risk-taking.

The concept of a memorial event planner is pretty unique and offers the writer a lot of scope in plot lines, and author Rolynn Anderson makes good use of it. Between an on-again, off-again romance with boyfriend Roman, memorial planning, a resentful stalker after payback from Jan, investigating a possible murder and dealing with an unexpected will, there's literally not a dull moment!

This is the second book in The Funeral Planner Suspense series and perhaps is best read in order. Roman and Jan have history. Jan suffers from Syncope which results in her fainting due to poor blood flow. Her condition is associated with 'dreams' of suffocation and fear of water, which were not fully explained, though lending a very light supernatural element to the storyline.
Readers will appreciate the point-of-view from the killer, seeing into the workings of his mind. Overall, Swoon is an engrossing, busy read with the emphasis on the mystery and suspense, with a side serving of romance!

Jill MacKenzie