The Sweetest Seduction


Lia Mantovani is Chicago’s most promising up-and-coming chef and restaurant owner.  It is her love, her passion:  a dream she has thrown her entire life into.  Just as success calls, however, Adam Kelly enters her life.  He is the owner of the prime real estate she rents but has the opportunity to acquire the world’s most renowned chef, a deal that has been years in the making.  The only glitch... he must evict Lia.  Can business be kept separate when the attraction is undeniable or will they both get burnt in their struggle to succeed?


From the moment these two character set eyes on each other, the sparks start jumping right off the page!  Ms. McHugh is a master of sexual tension and steam and when mixed with two seemingly strong characters the pages fly by.  Unfortunately it is horribly frustrating when Lia’s strength in business turns to hormone-driven mush every single time she looks at Adam.  She is literally ripping her clothes off the very first night!  Her sex-craved inability to even address the bigger picture when he is around becomes infuriating. So, despite the hotness (and extreme frequency) of the sex, the intelligence is lost, making her appear weak at best and just plain silly at worst.  With such a promising plot, more time spent on story development and a bit less on simple steam would have made this a five star for sure.  Still, for those who like it hot this one delivers in spades!


Ruth Lynn Ritter