Sweet Texas Kiss (Sweet Texas Secrets)


Gavin Cooper and his brothers are shocked when they find that their father has left their entire inheritance to three women with no real connection to the family. Macy Young, once an up-and-coming country superstar doesn’t understand why she has been left Jack Cooper’s house, but she thinks that maybe a little time spent in her hometown just might be the break from the spotlight she needs. When she discovers that her high school rival is still living in her house she is confused and wary of the situation. Gavin tries to guard his heart while trying to find a way to reclaim his inheritance. Will Macy and Gavin be able to come to a compromise or will they find that love and compassion rule the day?


Monica Tillery has started a series that is sure to catch readers’ attention and have them reading until dawn. “Sweet Texas Kiss” is a down-to-earth and sweet contemporary romance that calls to the heart. While the plot is unique and endearing, there are a few places that readers might find themselves overrun by excessive descriptions, but it won’t slow the story down. Readers will be fascinated by the depths of the characters and will find themselves torn between which character they should be rooting for. The “Sweet Texas Secrets” series promises to be a true crowd pleaser. Readers will be ready for the second book as soon as they finish the first! 

Mary-Nancy Smith