Sweet Texas Charm


Grayson Cooper is livid when he finds out his father left Grayson’s company shares to Becca Nash, a line supervisor in the company. Despite what his brothers think, and his father’s plans, Grayson has no intention in falling for the girl just to get his shares back. Instead, Grayson plays undercover boss to figure out why his father left Becca the shares and then steal them back. Unfortunately, he didn’t count on the effect Becca would have on him. Becca has no idea why she was left the shares, and doesn’t want to deal with the corporate snobs anyway. But Becca loves the company (and its guacamole), and has no intention of just handing the shares over without a fight. When the truth comes out, hearts will be on the line, but will love survive?

A cute contemporary romance set in Texas, this is the third and final book in the series. Following the pattern of the previous books, Jack Cooper left the shares he promised Grayson to Becca instead, insuring they’d meet, and hopefully fall in love. While this plot is somewhat predictable and lacks real conflict and originality, the characters surrounding the pair are quirky and fun. The undercover boss plot thread was engaging and the reappearance of characters from previous books helped tie them all together. Since the pace was smooth, and the sparks plentiful, readers will find this a fun and fluffy addition to their reading lists.

Sarah E. Bradley