A Sweet Deal


Richard Morgan has a sentimental attachment to the confectionary division of the family owned business. His childhood is deeply rooted in most everything to do with the candies and this keeps his mother’s memory alive. Richard’s father Michael sees his son working very hard and the profit levels continue to dip. The other divisions of the business are doing much better and Michael would rather cut his losses and sell to a large competitor. The offer of a buyout is brought in by a very beautiful acquisitions representative and if Richard cannot commit to his father’s demands to marry and carry out the family legacy, Richard may be out of the candy business for good. Can his sweetheart be found and win over a jaded heart from a past hurt?

Ms. Tillery gives us a twist with this sweet tale set in the industry of confections. The arc of the story flows well and the limited amount of characters makes this a quick and easy read. ‘A Sweet Deal’ is a great romantic love story that does see its ups and downs as it shows a creative way to portray a classic love story. The struggle of betrayal portrayed is consistent with modern time and very approachable for most readers. The lessons of communication and compromise are supported throughout which proves success on many levels for the two main characters. At times, the plot is a bit transparent and predictable, however the ending is wrapped up quite nicely and the epilogue is great addition that ties up all loose ends. 

Julie Caicco