Sweet Confections (Indulgence Row #1)


Rachel Marconi has had enough of men and bad relationships. After being burned yet again, she decides to focus on her pastry shop and her dream of competing on a Food Network Challenge instead. But she didnt plan on former pro hockey player and restaurant owner Graydon Green taking an interest in her, or finding herself interested in return. Their romance is just heating up when her bakery is vandalized and things start to go wrong. Will her romance survive? With the help of her best friend, and a lot of chocolate, Rachel is going to find out.


A delectable contemporary romance, Sweet Confectionsis the first of a series that should all be on the to-read list, if Ms. Ferguson continues to write this way. The romance between Rachel and Graydon is written with the sweetness and affection that makes the reader smile but has the ups and downs of any relationship, without falling into some standard romance clichés.  There are a few new twists thrown in with the villain which also keeps it interesting to the end. Overall, great dialogue, realistic main characters with depth and heart, a sweet clean romance, and a cast of side characters that need to be seen in later books. A must-read that needs to have the sequel previewed at the end of this book out soon!


Sarah E Bradley