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Nobody’s Darling

April Raine has had it tough – pregnant at seventeen, divorced from her high school sweetheart, she is single-parenting her two children - one of them born with Down’s syndrome.  She finds the drive to create Rainy-Day-Wife, providing family support –meals, carpooling, errands, homework and housework.   April claims her service reduces the stress on families, helping them function.  She’s succe

No Going Back


No Going Back

If there is one place a person can go to in order to lay low, it’s New Hampshire. Ari Milbanke hopes to use just that, moving to a sleepy town called Leith’s Common, in order to give her daughters a normal, quiet life as far away from their father and the madness that is Hollywood.  Then she discovers a ghost and meets Sam Beauchamp and a quiet life no longer seems like an option.