Reviews - Contemporary

Reunited and it feels so good… Jenna and Luke have come together again after 13 years of living their own lives right after high school graduation. Jenna is heading to Los Angeles to meet up with Luke, who needed to return for meetings and rehearsals so his band could go back on the road for a final farewell tour, dedicated to his best friend and bandmate who recently lost his life.

The Long Road Home

Jenna’s cheating husband is facing legal charges; honestly her marriage has been over for quite some time. He’s been an absent father (not to mention lover), so now is the time for Jenna and her daughter to head home to Oregon. With Boston in her rearview mirror, she’s now dealing with her mother’s last possessions, home, and her final farewell.

What Eyes Can’t See

Barbara Washington has always lived a privileged lifestyle, and has always had a plan. Things changed dramatically when she walked in on her fiancé with another woman in their bed. While on a vacation, she meets an amazing and handsome man named Sebastian. They click immediately… until they don’t. Barbara is up for a promotion at work and ready for the challenges.

Jace Lancaster (a spy who normally uses the last name of Langston) is in the midst of meeting an ‘asset’ at a restaurant, when he encounters Mackenzie MacNeil having a cringe-worthy date.

Rag Lady

A future journalism grad student, Holly Schlivnik gets sidetracked by a family emergency and sucked into the family business of being a ladies’ apparel sales rep with her father, Mike. She and her father work hard together and expand the territory with a rebranding as Daddy N’ Me.