Surviving the Rachel


Life is not going as expected for Bree Logan. After graduating college she had hoped to to find a job in her chosen field and marry her live-in boyfriend. Instead, said boyfriend dumped her and left her to break the lease on their over-priced Chicago apartment. Down-trodden Bree moves back home to the suburbs and, as part of her fresh start,  decides a new hairdo is in order. She walks out of the salon wearing "The Rachel", complete with a horrifying set of added bangs. Mortified, she is sure nothing goes right until she meets her neighbor - German translator Jack Chelton. They hit it off and find themselves in a relationship neither one was expecting. Can the two of them put aside their pasts and tackle their future together? 


This is a clever and cute story! The romance is steamy and sexy while managing to remain tasteful. The plots and subplots of this story were canny and clever, while the prose was witty and well crafted, with plenty of references to the nineties hit series "Friends." With the keen correlations between the tv show and the novel, it made one want to watch the whole series over again. The interplay between the main and supporting characters was nothing short of hilarious! "Surviving the Rachel" is a fun, charming story that will engross the reader from beginning to end.


Jessica Samuelsen