The Surgeon’s Baby (Outback Doctors Book #2)


Emma Roberts, a woman always in the shadow of her younger sister, works as the switchboard in a local hospital in Alice Springs. Tired of feeling lonely, Emma jumps on a plane to Brisbane for IVF treatment from a random donor, ready to take on motherhood all alone. However, a clinical error stops her in her tracks: Emma is accidentally inseminated with Doctor Ivan Delgado’s sample! Ivan has traveled the world and saved countless lives as a trauma surgeon. Now, as his father’s health is deteriorating, Ivan is expected to run his cosmetic surgery practice in Brisbane. But when he discovers Emma could potentially be carrying his child, he wants to be involved. Will the two be able to forge a connection over their potential baby?

“The Surgeon’s Baby” cuts right to the point, diving into the conflict of Emma and Ivan, and immediately getting readers clinging to the creative origin of these characters. This fast meeting wonderfully reels in readers; however, it creates for a speedy rollercoaster of events that rushes the connection. The love scenes do make the sense of passion known as the steamy sexual tension builds at every encounter, but the point of views and thoughts of the characters are all over the place, confusing the readers with random time jumps and the lovers’ constant hot and cold behavior. Even though the attraction and lives of Emma and Ivan are beautifully written, the handful of errors in grammar and spelling, and the lack of character descriptions makes it difficult to stay focused. Still, this novel is a cute little story that will sweep you up with its sexual charisma.

Austen Grace