Summer with a Star (Second Chances Book 1)


Sand Dollar Point has been Tasha Pike’s dream summer destination since childhood. She was finally making that dream come true until she arrived to find her reservation had been bumped.  A recent survivor of the ending of a long-time relationship, she suddenly feels if her ship is again sinking.  

Hollywood leading man Spencer Ellis was looking for a quiet getaway to recharge and plan his next project. When Tasha Pike shows up on his doorstep he feels the only way to rectify the situation is to offer to share the house with her. After all, it’s only for the summer.  However, one look at Tasha and Spencer Ellis’ life takes on a completely new direction. 

Seaside Maine is the perfect setting for this steamy, contemporary romance, full of vivid imagery for the setting.  The story starts with the bitterness of disappointment followed by the situational adjustment of sharing space, which then leads to a fostering of sparks of attraction that ignites into flames for Tasha and Spencer.  The flowing pace and attractive characters move the story along, but there are stumbling issues of missing letters, which change the meaning of words that could have been corrected with editing. Readers will find this a satisfying happily-ever-after tale for a lazy day at the beach!


Roberta Gordon