The Summer of Sorrow and Dance


Dinah Tyler has done everything for others for so long she’s forgotten what it’s like to dream. Then summer comes and changes begin to hit. Her children aren’t coming home for the break, the diner she’s always worked at is closing, and then a property she’d dreamed about owning for years goes up for sale. Zach Applegate doesn’t know what to do after his divorce and sale of his construction business. Visiting his brother in Fallen Soldier, Pennsylvania seemed like a good place to pause and decide, but he doesn’t expect the small town might offer him more. Or that Dinah Tyler might just give him a reason to stay.

A mid-life romance, “The Summer of Sorrow and Dance” gives two people in need of a second chance at love and dreams a moment of connection that blossoms into more. Both Dinah and Zach have complicated backgrounds. Dinah’s relationships with her mother, sister, ex-husband and kids have all had a major impact on her tentative one with Zach, while Zach has a supportive family, but a complicated past with his ex-wife and sons. The love and potential is there, but the story provides depth to them both as they move through the summer, coming together and for one another. Overall, readers who like more mature but clean relationships should definitely give this book a closer look!

Sarah E Bradley