Summer in New York, A Timeless Romance Anthology

Janette Ralston, Heather B. Moore, Luisa Perkins,
Sarah M. Eden, Annette Lyon, Lisa Mangum

Lydia is an undercover cop posing as a hooker. Unfortunately, her classmates think she’s the real deal. Winona is a graphics designer house-sitting for her aunt in New York. She’s recovering from a broken heart; love and a new facet of her career are the last things on her mind. A nanny who works to put herself through college, Marisol is relieved when she gets the job with Dr. Jackson. He is a kind, generous employer. Now he is asking her about her dreams. Miguel Santos thought all was well in his relationship with Jane. He proposed and she broke up with him. Now they are both stranded in the LaGuardia airport on their way back home to Denver. Is this a second chance for them? Dani came to New York with the intention of getting even a small part on Broadway. Ten days before she’s to leave to go back home, she meets the most amazing man. Should she change her plans? Lucy realizes that her boyfriend has been using her in order to get recognition in their company. Then she has an overnight printing job that leads her to someone who appreciates her for who she really is.


There are six novellas within this novel. All of the stories are original and keep the reader interested. Each story has one major obstacle that must be overcome, but they are merely speed bumps on the highway of life. As in life, some stories are funny, some poignant, and some hit close to home. The characters are mostly beautiful and vivacious, while the men are handsome and thoughtful. There is nothing extraordinary about the novel itself. Some of the stories are almost too short to resolve the problem. Recommended for those looking for a light, escapist read.  


Belinda Wilson