The Summer I Loved You (A Love for All Seasons #1)


It was a summer love affair that ended abruptly, leaving Adrianna bearing the brunt of the consequences and the heartache all alone — until fate and destiny stage an intervention.  Cameron Blake returns home on the heels of his successful sports career, and immediately upends Adrianna’s carefully constructed life. Cameron only wants to live a quiet life outside of professional sports and pursue his true dream of becoming an artist. But, a beautiful and precocious little girl worms her way into his life, which brings him face to face with Adrianna Arenas, the one woman he has spent years trying to forget.  Despite nearly a decade apart, the intense feelings Adrianna and Cameron once shared are instantly reignited, but Cameron’s controlling parents and long buried secrets could prevent the couple from ever having their happily ever after.

After their young love is sabotaged by emotional immaturity and forces beyond their control, Adri and Cameron tried to move on with their lives.  However, neither of them could find real happiness or deep contentment. But, selfish manipulations and shocking bombshell secrets and revelations are no match for the power of love!  Other than one plot twist that strained the boundaries of plausibility to the point of incredulity, this is a well-rounded adult contemporary romance.  Red-hot sensuality, high drama, secrets, cover-ups, lies and confessions, an adorable little girl, second chances, and a love that conquers all.  What more could you possibly ask for?  Readers of contemporary romances who like the emotional depth to match the sexual chemistry will love this one!

Julie Whiteley