Summer Bride (Holiday Brides Book 2)


Now that she has been granted guardianship of her little brother, Sage Presley has moved to Holiday, Oregon to look for a safe, stable place to raise him and help them both recover from their time in foster care.  Justin James is new in town and having purchased a business and home from the town’s former electrician, he’s settled and looking for love.  While working on a job at the local retirement home, Sage, the receptionist, catches his eye.  Sage has it all - sweet personality, killer looks and...a son?  Justin is no homewrecker, so he tries to get Sage out of his mind, until a car accident brings Sage and Shane into his life.  Once he realizes Shane is Sage’s brother, he’s all in.  Can he get Sage to realize that letting him in doesn’t mean she will be there less for Shane?

Set in the freshness of an Oregon spring, this sweet, standalone novella is a perfect read to make it through a long, cold winter.  Shanna Hatfield introduces solid, honest characters who lead with their hearts. Readers can’t help but fall in love with Sage and her sunny disposition and warm heart.  Justin’s generosity and commitment are just as attractive as his muscles.  While this book lacks a serious plot conflict, the relationship between Sage and Justin is more than enough to keep readers engaged and enjoying this story that is as warm and gentle as a summer sun shower!

Elissa Blabac