Sugared (Misfit Brides #4)


Josh Kincaid and his family own the business, “Sweet Dreams Snack Cake World”  but the empire is very close to going under. His adopted parents saved his life, took him off the streets and gave him a home, love and respect. He won’t let anything destroy their lives if he can help it. After inheriting half of another bakery, and meeting the master baker, Kimmie Elias, he hatches a plan to get her recipes and help keep his family business afloat. 


Kimmie KNOWS cake, it’s her life’s passion. Marilyn, her mother, known as the Queen General, rules the bakery like a seasoned drill sergeant, not to mention Kimmie’s life. Kimmie is a bit flaky, and when nervous, spouts off her weird dreams at random moments. But, she is much more than meets the eye. Unable to stand up to her mother, she goes along with a plan to get back the half of the bakery that now belongs to Josh. 


What a sweet and humorous tale! This is book number 4 in the Misfit Bride series but it stands very well on its own. Jake is the sweet treat girls dream about.  He has a heart of gold and is oh so yummy! Kimmie is fun, at first, but the continual use of baking terms in most of her dialogue gets to be redundant and frustrating to read after the first few chapters. The relationship with her mother seems a bit emotionally abusive, making Marilyn somewhat unlikable. Overall, however, this book is a tale of loyalty, familial angst, friendship and love….and what a sweet treat it is.


Lynne Bryant