Sugar Daddy Wanted: Now Accepting Applications


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Kerry is a 39 year-old divorcee and oh-so-tired of the dating scene.  After her divorce she had one steady boyfriend but since then, it has been nothing but disaster.  She’s focused on her career as a legal clerk and her two teenage sons,  but her desire is for someone to take care of her for a change. Her eldest son jokingly suggests finding herself a sugar daddy! With that solid advice, she sets out on the internet - finds a specific site and builds an honest profile.  Within minutes her ad has a few responses, and one in particular catches her attention. Requesting a meeting can't hurt - can it? She knows what she wants and is ready for her new future.


Ms. Kamryn creates great witty banter between all the characters in this light romance. Kerry and her conversations with her 15 year old son are realistic and fun spirited. The online dating is a true sign of the times and, with all of its ups and downs, something many readers will be able to relate to. "Sugar Daddy" is an interesting approach to the concept of putting what you want out to the universe and seeing what comes back. It is a very sweet and compassionate tale of real life situations and how grown mature adults handle them. This is a very quick. feel good story, that leaves the reader looking forward to what will come next from Ms. Kamryn!


Julie Caicco