Sugar and Spice


School teacher Clara comes from England and dreams of becoming a writer of travel articles. When she decides to travel to Spain, she gets more than she bargains for when she meets a woman who looks just like her. The woman tells Clara she wants to go away with the man she wants to marry, but can’t due to her dance contract. Clara swallows the sob story and agrees to join the flamenco dancing troupe on tour in the mystery woman’s place. When Teyo sees through her façade and realizes Clara is not his dance partner and former girlfriend, he agrees to help her learn the steps of their dances and keep the switch secret for the benefit of the dance company.

Chemistry sizzles between hot flamenco dancer, Teyo, and the shy Clara. Their dancing only intensifies as their feelings for each other grow while on the dance tour. The author does a great job of leading the reader through Clara’s shyness, doubts, and fears into a confident woman and dancer. Ms. Swinton relies a little too much on the travel potion of this book. While the various tourist sites were interesting at first, it became more like a travel book for tourists than a romance novel. The end of the book was a bit contrived with the typical conflict between the “happy” couple that leads to a huge misunderstanding that could potentially end their romance forever. The author overcomes this to give the reader a happily ever after that leaves the reader happy and satisfied.

Carly Fulmer