Sugar and Spice


Lily is in search of great chefs to guest star on her new cooking show, so she left Tennessee and headed for the Cornish countryside of England. Secured in a bed and breakfast, she now needs transportation, and her hostess has a suggestion for her.  Lilly and Kenan Rowse make an unlikely couple, but they both feel the chemistry from the moment they meet. Kenan is a man of few words, but he’s easy on the eyes and is a giant compared to petite Lily. Kenan is a different breed of man than Lily is used to and it takes her a while to adjust. He is overly protective and a gentleman. Over the next few weeks, Kenan also proves to be a knight in shining armor to her damsel in distress.


This is a fun tale with some unexpected plot twists. Lily's ex-boyfriend puts in several appearances to stir up trouble. The chefs all have interesting personalities and are well developed, especially considering the short face-time they have. The major players are well-rounded and even have some deep background stories that really drive the narrative forward. Unfortunately, during some of the times Lily and Kenan are traveling, the story tends to drag. Kenan is a flat character and should have more depth to him as a main character. 


Lily’s travels are exciting and give the reader a chance to see other parts of England as well as experience the cold, drab weather for which England is so famous. A fun read full of sugar and spice!


Belinda Wilson