Suddenly Required Bride (Bucket List Billionaire Romance Book 2)


Kai Stuart stands to lose out on the deal of a lifetime when he discovers his single status disqualifies him from purchasing a multi-million-dollar luxury property in Italy – at a bargain price. Remi Stein desperately needs either a loan or an investment to carry her failing business, until she can make it work. Their paths cross, and the pair realize they could possibly solve their problems with a simple short-term marriage. But life has a way of going its own way. Starry nights and romantic getaways lead to tension, chemistry and a possible happily ever after – if they can find a way to work out their issues.

This story centers around a marriage of convenience but with a unique twist. They share a history – as enemies – then reconnect a decade later. The characters are strong and the settings beautiful. The author is great at creating and maintaining the chemistry between the pair as the story progresses. However, the hero could do with a little more refining, one instance in particular – the price of soda – creates the impression that he’s a stingy spoiled brat. The book could also benefit greatly with another edit/proofread as there were typos and instances where the wording pulls the reader out of the story. This sweet romance is a lovely read. The scenes involving Alpaca are filled with hilarity and insights into the characters.

Cecilia Robins