Styling Wellywood (Wellywood #1)


CHICK-LIT:  After a whirlwind four years in London living the exciting singleton life Jessica Banks is forced to come home to Wellington, New Zealand. Struggling to fit back into the life she left behind, Jessica throws herself into her new job as an aspiring personal stylist. After her best friend/business partner leaves her in the lurch, Jessica has to keep the business afloat all on her own. Attempting to juggle her domineering mother, her flaky friends, and her mad romance with a certain sexy tennis instructor, Jessica is determined to create a glamorous new life. Everything appears to be going her way, but has Jessica truly found her dream job, as well as her dream man? 


“Styling Wellywood” is a light-hearted romp centered on a young woman coming into her own, both personally and professionally. Set in the stunning Wellington area, the beautiful city becomes a character onto itself. Ms. O’Keefe has done a wonderful job making readers feel a part of the story. Her writing style is fluid and expansive, allowing the reader to easily imagine the surroundings. Although fun and humorous, readers may find this novel a bit predictable and formulaic. The protagonist Jessica comes across as shallow and irresponsible, qualities that may make it difficult for one to connect with her. Jessica’s actions seem immature, especially considering that she's approaching thirty. Eventually, Jessica does exhibit some growth. She tackles issues from her past, overcomes personal demons and emerges as a well adjusted adult. A genuinely delightful story!


Chantel Hardge