Strong Enough (The Masonville Series, Book 4)

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Damon Greyson has been in love with Charlotte Saunders since he was fourteen years old. She was a bright, happy, energetic girl that Damon just couldn’t forget. Now adults, they find themselves back in Masonville. Having experienced childhood sexual abuse, Damon wants to help others who have suffered trauma. Charlotte, who has a terrible secret she can’t share, tries to fill her life with things that make her happy. When Damon’s building project keeps suffering delays and problems, Charlotte tries to help but is faced with the very trauma she’s tried to hide from for ten years. Together, they’ll need to face their painful pasts in order to heal and begin their life together.

Readers will love this very well-done story about two people who have so much to offer but hide their hearts because of their painful pasts. This book does have triggering moments, so please keep that in mind. Readers will love Charlotte’s drive and passion for the dogs she needs to rescue and her fierce independent streak. Damon’s purpose to help veterans with mental health issues is something to admire too. Watching them fall in love is something pure and sweet. Readers will enjoy the secondary characters in this story, and if they’ve read the other three books in the series, it’ll be like visiting old friends. One can’t help but cheer when Damon’s mother gets her just desserts. When Charlotte’s mother takes Damon and his siblings under her wings it is a tissue-worthy moment. One can imagine these characters going on to live long and happy lives. This is the perfect ending to a lovely series.

Heather McCoubrey