Strawberry Kisses (A Rocky Harbor Novel Book 2)


Rachel Riley is a survivor: first as a child in foster care, then bouncing back from an abusive relationship. She has now moved back home to start over yet again. When her nosy younger sister drags her to a self-defense class she’s not sure what to make of the tough-as-nails instructor.  Hunky biker Jake Morgan is paying for his past, but volunteering as the self-defense instructor for groups of women means more to him than completing his community service. Jake wasn’t planning on noticing any of his students but his attraction to Rachel is overriding all his plans. When truths are revealed about tragedy in both their lives can they overcome the serendipitous situation they are in now?  Can they move beyond how their lives entangled and learn to love and live again?

A true summer vacation poolside read, Maine is the perfect setting for this tale and will leave readers wanting more...installments.  Readers might feel stymied when they are first introduced to Rachel in the beginning, but the fog lifts as the tale progresses to reveal all aspects of her character.  Readers will immediately appreciate Jake’s tough yet caring persona and his reformed bad boy image is thoroughly fleshed out for readers' enjoyment.  Light copy editing will give this book a clean sweep.  The plot twist that could keep Rachel and Jake apart is one that readers will not see coming.  "Strawberry Kisses" has compelling features that will have readers seeking out the first book and eagerly awaiting the rest of the series! 

Jordyn Teel