Stranger Than Fan Fiction (Unlucky in Love #1)


Kate Dubois is a fan-fiction writer and she is specifically fond of the Teraformative world, which was an old television series featuring her crush, Charles. Charles on the other hand has struggled with sobriety and identity issues since his childhood show ended. In his downhill spiral, he comes across a series of fan-fiction that take him into the unwritten future of Teraformative. After reaching out to the author, Kate, they begin corresponding nearly every day for two years. However, she has yet to learn his true identity. Will he ever find the courage to tell her? If he does, will she still love him for who he is?

Piper Sheldon created a beautiful connection between Kate and Charles based solely on their email exchanges. Few novels are able to capture raw emotion and world building under normal circumstances, but the way this story is told through emails makes everything come to life in a personal way. It is a nice addition to include the unsent emails as well, which act as the characters’ inner dialogue and allow readers a greater connection with each character. It is particularly difficult to read about Kate and Charle’s/Pete’s relationship as her bright light, full of desire and passion for life and her writing becomes dulled by Pete’s narcissism. There is so much pain and force behind every smile she shares with Pete, but her world was light every time she read an email from RC. It tells an important message about finding someone who lets them be themself. “Stranger Than Fan Fiction” is a sweet, light-hearted read that will bring on some smiles and laughter.

Sadie Wilson