Stolen Horses, Stolen Hearts

Cindy A.
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WESTERN:  When two of Harlee Jo Holiday's horses are stolen and she feels the law is not doing enough to find them, she asks Oak Whitlock for help. Known as the best tracker around, Oak is reluctant to get involved. For the past year he's lived alone with only his horse and dog for company and he wants to keep it that way. Set in Utah, this is a sweet story of opposites. Harlee Jo is a former rodeo queen whose father is a well-known veterinarian; she hails from rodeo royalty. Oak has issues, a problematic past and lives alone avoiding commitments and relationships. Harlee Jo is motivated and owns a trail riding business; Oak has no dreams or goals and does nothing. She has to work hard to motivate Oak. They haven't much time as the horse thieves are shipping the horses south to Mexico to supply the illegal trade in export horse meat.

Stolen Horses, Stolen Hearts is a short, easy read. It's well-written with a simple, wholesome romance. Oak's animals provide some light moments, especially his dog, Bikkie who turns traitor, befriending Harlee Jo when Oak wants nothing to do with her or her problems.  The novella length is simply too short in this instance.  One yearns to explore in-depth the protagonists' backgrounds and their developing the romance. The I-love-yous came very quickly, but again, that's to be expected from a novella. Still, “Stolen Horses, Stolen Hearts” is a fun, sweet, cute read suitable for romantics of all ages!

 Jill MacKenzie