Stockholm Diaries, Melanie (Stockholm Diaries #3)


Melanie is a young American biographer on a mission to find the one thing that has eluded her her entire life: why did her father leave? After over 20 years of radio silence, she receives word that her father has passed away and left her his cabin in the Stockholm archipelago. Armed with a book advance for the biography she intends to write on the elusive poet, Melanie heads to Sweden for the summer. She quickly learns that not everything is as it seems, including her sexy neighbor Henrik. As the two work together to translate her father's novels and uncover his past, will the truths they find help bring them together or push them apart?


Ms. Hunter hits it out of the park with this sweet and witty novel! Both Melanie and Henrik leap off the page with ease and will come to life right before the reader's eyes. The main characters are intelligent, funny, stubborn and wounded. Each interaction is filled with equal parts attraction and resistance, causing a slow build to a satisfying climax. This novel is a tale of heartache, longing and healing for all involved. Ms. Hunter’s writing style and descriptive imagery says "sit and stay while", the reader will not be able to put this one down!

Amelia Kitch