Still Her (Turn it Up Book 2)


The only thing more important to Jack than his band is his wife, Mayzie. She’s gorgeous, full of fire, and stands behind Jack every step of the way. Unlike many rock-star couples, they spend little time apart, as Mayzie and their two giant dogs travel with the band. “Turn it Up” has been on the rise now for three years, but things really take off when they hire Eli, the highest rated PR rep in the industry. Bigger gigs pop up at every turn. But the problems arise when Eli, a renowned womanizer, decides he wants Mayzie in his bed. If she doesn’t play nice, all those big perks he’s been getting for the band, including the halftime show at the Superbowl, will just up and disappear.

“Still Her” is a sweet yet steamy story of loving a music man and the challenges that come with it. In this second book of the series, readers follow the married couple Jack and Mayzie as they work to keep their love alive and thriving through the mayhem that is a rock star's life. It has eloquently written yet spicy-hot sex scenes that accent an already deep and abiding love. Character development is a bit scanty and the plot is thin, as the issue with Eli is the only conflict in the story. The rest just follows the week to week lives of this engaging couple, with the bandmates as side characters. While some may find this low angst and simple plotline delightful, others may lose interest quickly. The relationship between Jack and Mayzie, however, is heartwarming. With all the emotions and richness of a stable marriage and love, "Still Her" successfully delivers a sigh and a smile by story's end.

Ruth Lynn Ritter