Stepping in for the Billionaire Groom


Kat Morgan is a brilliant and beautiful woman who is unlucky in love. Not trusting herself to find romance, she auditions for a reality show where you marry at first sight. Her groom is the handsome and rich Duke Benton. When Duke does not make it back for the wedding, his twin brother, Zander, takes his place at the altar. When he lifts her veil, Zander recognizes Kat as the environmentalist who raked him over the coals in his office and left him with ideas of romance.

The author does a wonderful job of giving the reader a clean, but sizzling romance set in a gorgeous locale. The rich and handsome twins switching places makes the reader both cringe and grin with delight. The premise of the reality show is spot on with what society sees today on their TV screens. The family ties between the rich Benton clan are refreshing, as so many families with money rarely are that caring with one another. Kat’s relationship with her parents is close, giving their parental concern plausibility. The reader feels like they are part of the audience of the reality show as the drama of the twin switcheroo unfolds. The reader may find themselves cheering for Zander or urging Kat to give him the boot. The author provides a solid and satisfying ending that is both entertaining, romantic, and embraces the closeness of how a family should be. 

Carly Fulmer