Starter Wife


At first glance, Linnea King has a fabulous life. She’s the daughter of a prominent Las Vegas socialite and politician, and she’s married to the oh-so-successful lawyer, Evan King. Linnea’s cookie-cutter life, set with 2.5 kids, is perfect … until her husband serves her with divorce papers and sets out to tear her down piece by piece. Faced with a messy legal battle and increasingly recalcitrant children, Linnea is one thread from losing her cool until in walks her neighbour - mysterious, sexy, Southern knight in a leather jacket.


TJ Gates looks like he comes with trouble close in tow. After all, he’s a motorcycle-riding, tattoo-having, muscle-bound demolitions expert slash prize-winning MMA fighter. For years, TJ has chosen to let people think what they want about him; he has too much on his plate to worry about appearances. But this widower and father has a sensitive side that he’s willing to get in touch with if it means that he can win the heart of Linnea King for good. 

Well-crafted and beautifully told, this down-to-earth novel is a must-read for those who enjoy their contemporary romances with a dash of suspense. Linnea’s evolution throughout the novel is a delightful one to witness—she finds her backbone independent of her love interest, and readers will root for her from beginning to end. Ms. Densley’s attention to detail and characterization shines through the pages of this novel, even if the pacing was a bit stunted at times. Overall, this is a greatly suspenseful, romantic, and sweet read that many audiences will enjoy and recommend. 

Mia Francis