Starstruck Cowboy


Luke Tyler, stunt man turned B movie star is forced to work with a woman who he cannot wait to part ways with. Luke wants to finish this film, get his money and buy back his family ranch from his stepbrother. The ranch where they are filming is not far from his ranch. His manager is working to swindle some money off the total promised to the owner, but the mom and daughter duo are in desperate need of money to save their ranch from going to auction.  They are not going to accept any less than the fee arranged. Star is the feisty daughter and not at all excited to have an arrogant movie star stay in her home. Can all parties involved get the funds needed or will all be lost… along with their hearts?

A sultry movie star, a rugged cowboy and a feisty tomboy make up the trio that drive this story. “Starstruck Cowboy” is an exciting read from the very beginning. The initial meeting of the main characters is unique. The twists and turns in the plot and the character development will delight readers. The spunky Star truly rounds out the house and her sharp tongue and witty banter are quite entertaining. The sulky cowboy is a bit cliché, and overall the story has a predictability about it. All the same, it’s still a fun quick read. Readers who enjoy a contemporary story mixed with rugged ranching should like this book. Have this one ready for summer vacation.

Viola Robins