Spring’s Delight (Cowboy Seasons 4)


WESTERN:  Colt O’Malley only wants to be left alone with the grief he feels over losing his brother Caleb. When someone drops off a beaten and battered female and claims that his dead brother sent her to work as his assistant, Colt almost loses control. He is used to handling abused horses and nursing them back to health. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to help heal a woman’s broken soul. 


When Spring arrives at Colt’s doorstep all she wants to do is visit with Caleb and sleep. What she finds is a game changer. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Through their broken hearts and mutual understanding, Colt and Spring are able to help each other grieve and heal. 


Katheleen Ball is a brilliant storyteller! She weaves a tale that draws the reader in and keeps them coming back for more. Although Spring’s Delight is the fourth book in a series, it stands alone so that the reader doesn’t feel like they are missing important information. Some of Ms. Ball’s secondary characters could have been a little more fleshed out, but overall, Spring’s Delight is a superb story. Ms. Ball’s description of the hero/heroine, the landscape, and the emotion that she is able to procure from her words, garners her four and a half stars. If you enjoy westerns with exciting characters, suspense, love, and heartache you will be fascinated with “Spring’s Delight”!

Mary-Nancy Smith