Spoons (River's Sigh B&B, #3)


Noelle, Cade, and their daughters are on their way to a family reunion - the last trip they will take as a family because Noelle has asked for a divorce. Noelle suspects that Cade has cheated on her and that is a deal breaker for her. Cade knows what it looked like, but he has never cheated on Noelle. He loves her and the girls fiercely and would never do anything to hurt any of them. He’s a man of few words and is hoping that he can win Noelle back with actions before it is too late.


This novel has a plethora of strong characters that all have interesting back stories that are hinted at and referenced throughout the story. The two characters that should have been the strongest, the patriarch and matriarch of the family, Duncan and Caren, tended to be weak and fell flat until the end of the book. The allegory of the spooning fishing lure and the spooning sleeping position is a nice touch to the novel. The writing was exquisite and the chapters flowed well. The novel is constructed as to let the reader know that each couple has their own story and it will be told. This is exciting because the little pieces that are revealed are sweet tidbits that promise other incredible stories, as well as enhance the story already being spun.


Belinda Wilson